Game Industry Solutions

Stay ahead with communications solutions from Itniotech, Integrate global quality communications resources and channels to help the gaming industry expand the global market

Addressing game marketing challenges with expert solutions

High cost for user acquisition

Existing user loss

Difficulty in traffic cashing

Security compliance and privacy

Touch players based on player life cycle

Enable registration verification, risk assessment, and more through SMS, voice, email, and other channels to assist gaming enterprises.

Attract high-value players

Connect and interact with players seamlessly through multiple international communication channels to attract and retain high-value players, enhancing their gaming experience.

Enhance player account security

Offer various authentication methods (SMS codes, voice codes, email codes, etc.) to ensure robust account security and protect user privacy, mitigating the risk of account theft.

Refine user operations

Inform existing players about promotional events, new releases, festive celebrations, and gift sharing through notification messages. Gather feedback through surveys to enhance player experience.

ITNIO TECH is a crucial partner in our game development. Their communication solutions have added more interactivity and social features to our games. Their real-time voice and messaging services allow our players to communicate and collaborate in real-time, enhancing the gaming experience. Thanks to ITNIO TECH's professional support, our game has achieved significant success in the market.

Emily Lee

Game Designer

Collaboration with ITNIO TECH is an integral part of our game development. Their CPaaS solution enables us to seamlessly integrate real-time communication capabilities, providing better social interaction experiences for players. Their technical team is highly professional and possesses in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry. We are extremely satisfied with our partnership with ITNIO TECH and look forward to continuing it in the future.

Alex Chen

Technical Manager

ITNIO TECH's solutions have infused our game development with powerful communication capabilities. Their real-time audio-video communication services have made multiplayer interactions in our games smoother and more enjoyable. ITNIO TECH's technical team is highly skilled and responsive, providing excellent support throughout our collaboration.

Ming Liu

Game Producer


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