ITNIO TECH Voice Verification Code

Strengthen Your Business Security with the First Line of Defense

Voice Verification Code conveys verification information to users through voice broadcasts, replacing or supplementing SMS verification codes.

Achieve multilingual global coverage for seamless authentication

Ensure business security with Voice Verification Code's multilingual capabilities, effectively preventing malicious machine behavior.

Login registration

Voice verification code is frequently used as a supplement to SMS verification code in the registration scenario. If SMS is not received, users can choose to answer the phone to get the verification code, avoiding the loss of users to the greatest extent.

Secure payment

Used for payment-related services such as payment confirmation, quick payment, confirming purchase. Verification code is broadcasted to the user by voice to verify the user's identity and avoid causing property loss.

Password retrieval

In payment and password retrieval scenarios, voice verification code effectively prevents click farming and cheating.

Validate users globally with a robust and secure solution

Enhanced security and global reach

Authentication code content is broadcast in voice format to users via phone calls directly to their cell phones, meeting the higher requirements of enterprise identity-based services.

Improve verification success rate

Solve the problem that some users cannot receive SMS verification code due to various reasons, thereby increasing the verification success rate.

Multilingual support

Our voice verification code solution supports nearly 50 languages, ensuring multilingual verification codes for overseas customers.

Customize verification solutions to meet your needs

Voice verification code solution can be customized to meet your unique needs, such as interactive verification for registration, login, password retrieval, payment verification, identity verification, event order placement, and risk alert scenarios.

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