E-Commerce Industry Solutions

Connect and engage with target audiences using diverse communication channels like SMS, voice, and email marketing to enhance e-commerce sales performance.

Diversify marketing channels to generate more potential revenue

High purchase cost

Low repurchase rate

Single growth method

Unfamiliar with local regulations

Optimize channels for effective user acquisition

Create a multichannel growth framework through ITNIO TECH's comprehensive communication platform, overcoming traditional growth limitations and efficiently acquiring customers and conversions in the e-commerce industry.

Enhance customer engagement and retention

Send personalized messages such as welcome discounts, discount code sms for festive sale, and birthday offers, fostering customer engagement and loyalty during holidays and special occasions.

Build trust and drive sales

Utilize SMS alerts to promote marketing events, provide order updates, and protect your platform from fraudulent users and phishing attempts.

Recover abandoned shopping carts

Proactively notify and remind visitors about their abandoned items in their shopping carts through channels like SMS and email, encouraging them to complete their purchases promptly.

Our experience working with ITNIO TECH has been amazing. Their solutions have added tremendous value to our e-commerce platform. Through their API, we have been able to implement SMS verification, notifications, and customer support, which have enhanced user satisfaction and transaction security. Thanks to ITNIO TECH's collaboration, our platform has gained widespread recognition in the market.

Peter Wang

E-commerce Platform Manager

ITNIO TECH is one of our most reliable technology partners. Their CPaaS solution provides comprehensive communication support for our e-commerce business. Whether it's voice, SMS, or real-time communication, ITNIO TECH's services consistently perform exceptionally well. Their professional team works closely with us, ensuring that we meet customer demands and deliver an excellent user experience.

Sophia Li

Customer-service Manager

We are highly satisfied with our collaboration with ITNIO TECH. Their CPaaS solution has played a crucial role in our e-commerce application. The communication capabilities they provide are stable and reliable, enabling us to implement secure voice verification, real-time notifications, and customer support. ITNIO TECH's knowledgeable team has helped us overcome various challenges with their excellent technical support.

David Liu



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