ITNIO TECH Cloud Call Center

Reach the World at Lower Cost

ITNIO TECH's call center supports functions, including group call transfer agent, proportional outbound call, and intelligent call strategy, improving call efficiency and customer experience.

New generation call center system, smarter, safer and more powerful

Adopting full cloud deployment, it is ready to use out of the box, providing a smarter and more efficient one-stop customer service platform for overseas enterprises. It is applicable to industry scenarios, such as cross-border e-commerce, game overseas, security monitoring.

Customer Support and Service

The cloud call center can help you expand customers, manage and maintain customer relationships whether it's pre-sales product consultation, after-sales service, or providing technical support for customers.

Marketing and Promotion

Use cloud call center to make sales calls or promotional calls to convey information about product promotions, new product releases and marketing activities to customers in order to promote sales.

Customer Survey and Research

Through the cloud call center, we can efficiently conduct customer satisfaction survey, questionnaire and information collection so that you meet customer needs and insight into market trends.

Information Notification and Verification

For applications with high security requirements, such as finance and games, it can effectively ensure account security to use cloud call center to make phone calls or send voice messages to users for authentication.

Tailored for Overseas Enterprises

Improve efficiency and experience

Intelligent group call transfer agent improves the efficiency of manual dialing, increases call efficiency and customer experience, and efficiently realizes marketing and customer acquisition.

Smooth, safe and stable calls

Cooperate with hundreds of operators around the world with rich line resources to ensure smooth, clear, secure and stable calls in weak network environment.

Customized rules, active marketing

Customize rules and initiate outbound call tasks to achieve automatic call diversion during peak hours, adjust outbound call rates, and greatly reduce customer call loss rates.

One-stop management, reduce cost and increase efficiency

Automatically filter invalid numbers and provide intelligent and comprehensive statistical analysis report to grasp core business data and reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Ready for local number display

No need to download phone software. Out-of-the-box access to global local lines can help enterprises build global localization services achieve local number display.

Global compliance, security and privacy

The platform supports HTTPS/SSL encrypted transmission and can protect customer data security and privacy through automatic disaster recovery and redundant backup.

Smarter and more efficient customer service platform

ITNIO TECH Cloud Call Center adopts full cloud deployment without the need for cumbersome deployment processes, helping overseas enterprises easily establish exclusive call centers and efficiently reach global target users at lower costs.

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