ITNIO TECH Global Virtual Number

An Elegant Way to Seamlessly Connect Global Customers

ITNIO TECH support local fixed telephone and global virtual numbers, helping enterprises establish global communication flexibly, quickly, safely, and at a low cost.

Say goodbye to high cross-border communication costs and speak freely with overseas customers

You can communicate with customers around the world through local numbers without the need for actual phone lines, making communication smooth and unobstructed.

Local Virtual Numbers

For global brands, it's essential to provide customers with a localized service hotline. With a DID global virtual number, you can localize customer communications in foreign countries, enhancing customer experience and trust.

Global Conference Number

During a cross-border conference call, dial your company’s exclusive DID number to easily join a conference call and communicate with your partners around the world.

Overseas Marketing Promotion

Communicate with potential customers and existing customers on the phone through proactive, timely and personalized ways, creating a relaxed interaction and converting potential users into loyal users.

Business Security Management

The self-contained middle number and privacy number functions can protect the privacy and security of people's information at both ends of the business, helping O2O Internet enterprises, such as online food delivery and taxi services, to realize the security management of their platform business.

Global virtual number, connecting the global market

Smoother two-way communication

Maintain both inbound and outbound voice communication and support for SMS up and downlinks, realizing two-way seamless communication with customers.

Low Cost, High Profit

Set up Internet communication service overseas at lower cost, enhance customer service experience and realize high performance growth.

Flexible communication anytime, anywhere

Help overseas enterprises and overseas consumers to build an instant, convenient and smooth communication bridge without time and space limit.

Global personalized localization

Overseas enterprises can flexibly choose their localization numbers according to their business development needs, and can easily localize their numbers globally.

Enhance customer trust

Consumers at home and abroad naturally have more trust in local numbers, making them feel friendly and secure.

Experience localized services at low price

In contrast to cross-border communications and the purchase of local numbers, ITNIO TECH customers can flexibly customize their communications solutions with DID Global Virtual Numbers and enjoy global communications services at a lower price.

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