Logistics Industry Solutions

Unlock our global connections to enhance the optimization of the "last mile" delivery experience, improve user communication, and boost customer loyalty.

Industry pain points and business needs

Low COD signature rate

Single notification mode

High transnational communication costs

Efficiently serve customers, build a good reputation for enterprises

Improve the service efficiency of order distribution through notifications such as SMS, telephone etc., and establish the image and reputation of enterprise service.

Actively maintain customer relationships to improve customer loyalty

Provide marketing promotion, customer care, customer feedback, etc. to further improve customer loyalty.

Elevate customer satisfaction

For valuable or fragile goods, promptly communicate with customers via voice calls, providing pickup location notifications and booking arrangements to prevent loss of customer property and enhance overall satisfaction.

Encourage re-delivery after rejection

In cases where buyers reject offers, leverage SMS, voice, and email channels to incentivize them through discounts or coupons, encouraging them to reconsider and complete the receipt process.

Our experience working with ITNIO TECH has been outstanding. Their solutions have brought significant improvements to our logistics operations. Through their CPaaS services, we can achieve real-time logistics tracking and communication, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of our transportation. ITNIO TECH's technical team is highly professional and responsive, and their support has been crucial to our business growth.

Juna Xiang

Logistics Manager

ITNIO TECH is an important partner in our logistics industry. Their communication solutions provide robust support for our logistics operations. Through their services, we can achieve real-time communication and coordination with drivers, warehouses, and customers, improving the efficiency of our logistics operations. We are highly satisfied with our collaboration with ITNIO TECH and their stable and reliable solutions.

Judith Li

Logistics Director

We are extremely satisfied with the results of our collaboration with ITNIO TECH. Their CPaaS solution has brought significant benefits to our logistics business. Their communication services have helped us achieve more efficient cargo tracking, real-time notifications, and supply chain management. The ITNIO TECH team has consistently provided support with a professional attitude, ensuring smooth logistics operations.

Tom Xu



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