ITNIO TECH Voice over AI

The Secret Weapon of Customer Acquisition

Leverage AI voice technology to create engaging and immersive experiences, events, and content that communicate brand and product values to customers, enhancing brand influence and customer loyalty.

Create new consumer interaction scenarios to improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness

The 2022 AI Marketing White Paper shows that 44% of advertisers believe AI marketing is the most desirable marketing method in the next two years.

Intelligent customer service

Primarily applied to enterprise customer service hotlines, the AI system can intelligently identify user intent and respond intelligently to routine customer inquiries and information queries. This provides customers with thoughtful and satisfactory service, increasing product sales conversion rates.

Precise marketing

The intelligent outbound call function, augmented by AI Voice technology, is harnessed for precise marketing purposes, including financial product launches, game openings, and e-commerce new product releases.

Outbound call notifications

Automatically notify your customers with outbound calls for top-up reminders, order payments, receipt confirmations, and repayment notifications to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

Unlock the power of AI voice marketing with ITNIO TECH

Reach users and build private domains at low cost and scale

Before making a call, the system will go through the process of screening public domain users, selecting the time slot to reach them, and customizing the conversation, aiming to maximize the efficiency of each call and increase the conversion rate of users by several times.

Take advantage Of the efficiency Of AI technology to optimize value efficiency

Assist operations with real-life comparable results and lower communication costs to make users want to communicate with brands, thus achieving the ultimate goal of effectively attracting customer for brands.

More security for user privacy and data

Establish multi-channel consumer channels and insist on saying the right thing to the right person at the right time.

Improve customer interactions with natural and realistic intelligent responses

Work with ITNIO TECH to create a unique voice to represent your brand at all customer channels, rather than using the same voice as other organizations.

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