ITNIO TECH Voice Group Call

Establish New Connections and Engagement Through Voice Calls

ITNIO TECH Voice Group Call is an ideal solution for enterprise advertising, marketing, and promotion, reducing operating costs and improving overall efficiency.

Ensure Batch Delivery of Marketing Messages to Subscribers via Voice

The voice batch notification service as a robust and versatile voice solution that encompasses a wide array of applications. From dynamic advertising and strategic marketing campaigns to swift message notifications that keep individuals promptly informed, seamless customer support interactions that prioritize client satisfaction, and even facilitating efficient financial collections with its user-friendly features.

Advertising & marketing

Easily upload a voice file and deliver marketing messages to a large group of subscribers through voice group calling.

Message notification

Improve overall delivery rates with batch notification delivery through voice calls.

Privacy protection

Keep personal information private while improving traditional communication methods.

Financial collections

Voice group calling can help promote product sales and brand awareness, improve customer experience, and build a complete marketing closed loop.

Deliver quality service with quality voice anywhere in the world

Intelligent monitoring

Intelligent monitors call status and automatically adjusts routing to improve connection rates and answer times while ensuring successful delivery of voice group calls.

Global coverage

Our service covers 200 countries and regions, providing wide coverage and support for high capacity and concurrency.

Carrier-grade high-quality voice

Deliver a high-quality voice experience over a low-latency, feature-rich carrier-grade ITNIO TECH network. Invest in a communication experience that sets new standards.

Deliver a clear, lag-free conversation experience

Direct connection to global carrier channels ensure communication quality and better price Easy to configure, flexible and scalable to meet the needs of enterprises at different stages.

Trusted worldwide

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