FinTech Industry Solutions

Privacy and compliance are the top priorities of the FinTech industry. Provide a security-centric real-time client experience through mainstream international channels.

Provide a real-time security-centric customer experience

High customer acquisition costs

Slow identity verification

Lengthy payback period

Limited communication options

Expand your service reach with ease

Send comprehensive personalized marketing information through mainstream communication channels such as SMS, voice messages, and emails to effectively reach the right consumers at the right time, boosting sales conversion.

Ensure secure communication for trusted customer relationships

Support multiple mainstream authentication methods to establish trust with users during platform registration, fast login, remote login, password modification, and authentication processes.

Automate customer service process

Automate repayment, collection and other common workflows through AI voice batch outbound calls to improve team work efficiency.

Improve user loyalty and viscosity

Meet customer needs quickly and efficiently through WAB API and the deployment of chat robots in countries and regions with high permeability of WhatsApp, to optimize customer journeys.

Our experience working with ITNIO TECH has been outstanding. Their provided solutions have injected powerful communication capabilities into our financial technology products. Their technical team is professional and responsive, ensuring that we can deliver stable and reliable services. Thanks to ITNIO TECH's collaboration, our products have gained widespread recognition in the market.

John Smith


ITNIO TECH is one of our most reliable technology partners. Their CPaaS solution provides comprehensive communication support for our financial technology platform. Whether it's voice, SMS, or real-time communication, ITNIO TECH's services consistently perform exceptionally well. Their professional team works closely with us, ensuring that we meet customer demands and deliver an excellent user experience.

Mary Johnson

Marketing Manager

We are highly satisfied with our collaboration with ITNIO TECH. Their CPaaS solution has played a crucial role in our financial technology application. The communication capabilities they provide are stable and reliable, enabling us to implement secure voice verification, real-time notifications, and customer support. ITNIO TECH's knowledgeable team has helped us overcome various challenges with their excellent technical support.

Tom Davis



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