ITNIO TECH Verification SMS

SMS Verification Capability with Global Coverage

ITNIO TECH Verification SMS covers Optimize the verification process of registration/login/payment scenarios, can reduce malicious registration and login, effectively improve the conversion rate of attracting new customers and protect business security.

Meet the need of user authentication by SMS in multiple scenarios

Reach global customers efficiently with ITNIO TECH's text messaging verification products to enhance user experience and security. Truly help companies improve customer interaction.

Login & registration

Upgrade from traditional SMS verification methods to intelligent verification processes that improve the customer experience, conversion rates, and retention rates.

Identity verification

For account-sensitive operations, our system requires secondary SMS verification to ensure that the account owner is operating in person.

Password retrieval

If a user forgets their login password, they can use their cell phone to receive a dynamic verification code and quickly complete the password retrieval and reset process.

Payment verification

When making online payments or large transactions, we use cell phone SMS to facilitate transaction verification and confirmation to ensure the safety of customer transactions and funds.

Integrate ITNIO TECH's powerful SMS verification API into your business processes

Global reach capabilities

  • Strict compliance with global security and privacy regulations, including GDPR in the EU, CCPA in the US, etc.
  • ITNIO TECH SMS verification solutions can legally reach customers worldwide, helping to boost your global business.
  • Directly connect to MNOs in 200+ countries via API.

Smart sending strategies

For various types of SMS verification scenarios, we have specially optimized intelligent routing, with an industry-leading SMS delivery rate, eliminating the trouble of undelivered messages and enhancing customer experience, meeting your requirements for SMS verification code sending speed, delivery rate and cost benefit requirements.

Real-time data tracking

Get proactive insights into your customers, no matter where they are. ITNIO TECH provides powerful real-time data query and analysis reports, giving you a clear picture of key metrics such as real-time delivery data, conversion rates, and customer interactions.

Our Standard: High Reach, Low Latency

ITNIO TECH, with its rich SMS channel resources and intelligent operation and maintenance system, allows your end-users to receive verification SMS within seconds, no matter where they are.

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