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ITNIO TECH provides officially authorized WhatsApp message channels, turn conversations into revenue on one of the most popular messaging channels anytime, anywhere.

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OTP verification

With more than 2 billion users in the world,WhatsApp has high coverage ratio in the Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas area. WhatsApp authentication methods has the advantages of higher delivery rate,immediacy rate and better user experience.


In today's brand-focused environment, building private domain traffic is crucial for businesses.By introducing WhatsApp business account,it can help enterprise build private domain traffic and foster brand loyalty among users.


Instant messaging platforms serve as excellent channels for sending notifications. E-commerce and logistics companies can promptly send order confirmations, shipment tracking, and other updates to customers. Financial institutions can notify users about credit limit upgrades, billing reminders, and more.


Integrating intelligent assistants with WhatsApp allows businesses to better serve their customers. WhatsApp's compatibility with smart assistants enables timely responses to customer needs, reducing wait times, and increasing user retention and conversion rates.

Easily Customize Your WhatsApp Messages

Template messages

Enterprises can use pre-defined message templates to send transaction confirmations, order updates, flight delay notifications, and other information to customers. Streamlining repetitive content notifications reduces manual labor costs.

Multimedia messages

Enterprises can send multimedia messages, such as images, audio, and videos, to provide a better customer experience. Diverse marketing content tailored to specific target markets effectively enhances business conversion.

Advantages of Integrating with the WhatsApp Business Platform

Experience cost efficiency

Embrace the cost-effective nature of WhatsApp Business services, where charges are based on conversations. Engage in 24 hours of interaction with users under a single fee.

Revive user engagement

Harness the exceptional message delivery rates of WhatsApp to your advantage. Users are actively engaged and responsive, leading to heightened conversion rates in both marketing and service endeavors.

Elevate security and trust

WhatsApp's robust end-to-end encryption ensures top-tier security, establishing trust through identity verification and data protection. Our focus on user safety guarantees private and secure conversations.

Seamless user experience

Leverage real-time communication via WhatsApp to deliver swift and valuable customer service, enhancing overall user satisfaction and interaction.

Global reach, local impact

With a staggering user base of nearly 2 billion, WhatsApp stands as a worldwide communication giant. Seamlessly connect and communicate with customers from every corner of the globe.

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