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ITNIO TECH Teams Up with JusCall to Create a Global Calling App with Millions of Users

JusCall In China, it's common to initiate audio and video calls at any time. However, in many countries, due to low communication speeds and quality, instant messaging tools still cannot guarantee call quality and effectiveness.
To help global users meet their real-time calling needs, the JusCall App has introduced ITNIO TECH's International Cloud Communication Solution. By integrating resources from global direct carrier channels, JusCall App users are no longer restricted by local or the recipient's network limitations, allowing them to instantly engage in global conversations.

01 Customer Background

JusCall is an international Android telephone application with nearly ten million users worldwide.
By simply downloading and installing the application on their phones, users can make calls to any mobile or landline globally using WiFi or mobile data without incurring any call charges.

02 Challenges and Difficulties

International call connections are often subject to significant fluctuations, with low communication speeds in some countries leading to issues such as dropped calls and audio interruptions. This can severely affect the user experience and requires businesses to invest substantial time and effort in maintaining stable connections.
According to Speedtest statistics on mobile and wireless network speeds by country and region, in December 2023, the global average download speed for mobile networks was 49.25Mbps, and for wireless networks, it was 90.93Mbps. In comparison, China achieved mobile network speeds of 160.14Mbps and wireless network speeds of 256.32Mbps.
Therefore, for JusCall, a communication application, maintaining stable, uninterrupted and high-quality communication in an imbalanced global communication environment is crucial. After careful consideration and evaluation, JusCall has chosen ITNIO TECH as its cloud communication solution provider to deliver exceptional, clear audio calls to its global users.

03 Collaborative Value

- Global Coverage for Communication Services: Through ITNIO TECH's abundant direct carrier resources, JusCall App's communication signals effortlessly cover users in over 200 countries and regions, ensuring that users worldwide can enjoy real-time global calling features.
- Real-Time Sharing Without Interruption: ITNIO TECH provides a global multi-line combination solution that allows flexible switching between wireless networks, mobile networks, and telecommunication lines. When users or their counterparts experience low network speeds, they can make stable calls directly through the JusCall App without incurring additional communication charges. Even if the other party doesn't have the JusCall App installed, smooth connections can still be established.
- High-Quality, Lossless Voice Transmission: Real-time monitoring of communication lines ensures that users have the best possible connection when using the JusCall App, resulting in clearer and smoother voice calls without the need for manual maintenance of line stability. Additionally, communication data is encrypted to protect user privacy.
"The ITNIO TECH team has demonstrated excellent performance, with a wealth of voice resources and efficient operational capabilities. They can quickly identify and resolve issues, ensuring the stability of the App's business. Always customer-centric, their professional skills and customer service have left us extremely satisfied, making them our top-quality partner," said Fang Qi, a Senior Product Manager at JusCall.
As a free, secure, and stable international telephone application, JusCall has been continuously enhancing call quality and optimizing the user experience. Under the drive of global digitization, instant messaging is becoming increasingly essential in daily life, especially in overseas scenarios such as business travel, family visits, graduations, and summer study tours. ITNIO TECH will continue to expand its international direct carrier cooperation network, creating more innovative international cloud communication products and services, facilitating the upgrading and iteration of communication tools, and safeguarding the improvement of human life quality.
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