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ITNIO TECH's Debut on the International Stage, Unveiling Innovative Solutions in Barcelona

ITNIO, MWC, SMS, EMAIL, VOICE On February 26, 2024, the Mobile World Congress (MWC2024) kicked off grandly in Barcelona, Spain. As a trusted international provider of intelligent verification solutions, ITNIO TECH was invited to attend. They showcased their leading international cloud communication solutions at booth 6D26 in Hall 6, gathering with communication industry enterprises, leaders, and nearly 100,000 industry practitioners from around the world.

01. Leading Brands Gather, ITNIO TECH Makes International Debut
MWC is the largest and most influential exhibition in the global mobile communication field, also known as one of the annual grand events in the tech industry. Once again, MWC2024 brought together top global high-tech companies, including Meta, Sony, Samsung, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Honor, and other well-known brands. ITNIO TECH shone in Barcelona with the brand concept of "Bridging World, Connecting Next," making its debut on the international stage.
The ITNIO TECH brand was officially launched in July 2023, with a core team that has been deeply involved in the international cloud communication field for nearly 20 years. They have accumulated resources from 200+ countries' direct telecom operators globally and expanded services to mainstream social media communication products such as WhatsApp Business API. They focus on providing one-stop international cloud communication solutions for outbound enterprises in verification, marketing, and notification scenarios.
Especially in the SMS verification scenario, ITNIO TECH has significant advantages in channel stability and high fill-back rates. For example, in India, many clients from industries such as finance, gaming, and social media achieved fill-back rates of 86%-92% when using ITNIO TECH's SMS products.
Since its establishment, ITNIO TECH has successively formed strategic partnerships with outstanding clients and ecosystem partners in industries such as JusCall, Qbit, Ksher, and NiuSell Browser, dedicated to promoting the healthy and rapid development of the industry ecosystem. As conveyed by the brand concept "Bridging World, Connecting Next," ITNIO TECH positions itself in the world, focuses on the future, and hopes to make information accessible to every corner of the world by comprehensively covering people's daily communication methods.
02. Innovation-Driven, One-stop Outbound Communication Solutions
With the deep integration of the global market economy, both outbound enterprises and multinational corporations have placed extremely high-quality requirements on international cloud communication services for common scenarios such as internal communication and external customer communication. However, the current situation of uneven distribution of global telecommunications facilities, unstable international routes, and high costs of cross-border communication still constrains the expansion and development of outbound enterprises.
ITNIO TECH has its own research and development team, integrating rich global direct telecom operator resources to create a one-stop CPaaS platform and comprehensive solutions that combine mainstream communication channels. These solutions include international SMS, international voice, WhatsApp, DID global virtual numbers, cloud call centers, etc., helping outbound enterprises connect with global users at lower costs.
ITNIO TECH's international SMS channels feature low cost, wide coverage, high open rates, stunning delivery rates, and response rates. They are commonly used in scenarios such as customer notifications, verification, and marketing. International voice services combine quality and stability. By using DID global virtual numbers combined with cloud call centers, enterprises can easily establish a one-stop customer service platform and conduct localized communication with global users, greatly enhancing customer trust and answer rates.
In addition, ITNIO TECH also provides notification and marketing services based on the WhatsApp Business API, helping enterprises maximize the retention of public domain traffic and greatly improve customer conversion rates and repurchase rates by improving the quality of customer support services. This is widely used in cross-border e-commerce, retail, gaming, logistics, financial technology, and other fields.
At the exhibition site, ITNIO TECH's product solutions received extensive attention from industry clients and ecosystem partners. The ITNIO TECH team provided professional reception with full enthusiasm, patiently answering questions about the global business expansion of clients and ecosystem partners, and providing new marketing ideas and methods.
In the global marketing market, international cloud communication has always been one of the most cost-effective and efficient marketing channels. As one of the earliest professionals in the field of international cloud communication in China, the core team of ITNIO TECH has accumulated rich experience and deep insights into outbound marketing in nearly 20 years of service. Looking to the future, ITNIO TECH will continue to adhere to its original intention rooted in the international cloud communication field, continuously improve and innovate product solutions, and inject power and vitality into the high-quality and sustainable development of global outbound enterprises.
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