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ITNIO TECH Attends FastMoss Global Short Video Conference and Expo

ITNIO, Tiktok, CBEC On 18th January, the 3rd FastMoss Global Short Video Conference and Expo (FGVCon), which hosted by FastMoss, was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As a high-quality enterprise in the global cloud communication industry, ITNIO TECH was invited to participate in this event and appeared in Hall 7, Booth A036.
As all known, the exhibition invited more than 50 top brands from Europe, America and Southeast Asia, big sellers, industry ecological parties, MCN and other top guest speakers covering 5,000 + global head brands, sellers, small stores, source factories, independent stations, etc. It is so far the industry's first two-day more than 10,000 people scale of the exhibition.
Based on the attendance of this event, ITNIO TECH demonstrated a series of cross-border e-commerce industry solutions for the guests, include WhatsApp Business API solution, Global Virtual Numbers, SMS, Voice, and Cloud Call Center. In it, WhatsApp Business API solution and Global Virtual Numbers products attracted much attention.
ITNIO TECH is one of WhatsApp's strategic partners in the Greater China region, offering a comprehensive WhatsApp marketing solution for businesses, helping them overcome account suspension issues. By integrating with ITNIO TECH WhatsApp Official API, enterprises can manage accounts, templates, numbers, and send/receive messages, seamlessly automating communication and creating personalized customer service processes.
In addition, WhatsApp provides support for chatbots and interactive messaging, significantly reducing the workload for cross-border e-commerce sellers and enhancing work efficiency.
ITNIO TECH Global Virtual Number allow communication with customers worldwide using local numbers without the need for physical phone lines. It supports both overseas local landlines and overseas mobile numbers, and is widely used in scenarios such as customer service hotlines, international marketing, global conference numbers, and business security management, helping cross-border e-commerce enterprises establish global communication services flexibly, quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.
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