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ITNIO TECH Joins Forces with OgCloud to Elevate Cross-Border Marketing Services

ITNIO TECH, Partnership, OgCloud Recently, ITNIO TECH and OgCloud, renowned global cloud service provider, announced a friendly partnership. This collaboration aims to integrate ITNIO TECH's extensive global communications resources with OgCloud's leading advantages in digital marketing and cloud computing services, and jointly provide one-stop solutions to help businesses communicate more effectively and intelligently with customers worldwide.

In today's global market, where companies increasingly strive for brand and product strength, technical support and precise marketing strategies have become indispensable core competencies for companies going global. Based on this, ITNIO TECH and OgCloud aim to support these companies through comprehensive marketing promotions and cloud computing services, enhancing their brand and product power.

As a trustworthy provider of international intelligent Authentication solutions, ITNIO TECH integrates major communication channels such as international SMS, Voice, DID global virtual numbers, and cloud call centers, dedicated to enabling more Chinese enterprises to connect to the world effortlessly. ITNIO TECH has established branches in Hong Kong, the USA, Singapore, the UAE, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and other regions, with services covering more than 200 countries and regions.

Taking international SMS service as an example, ITNIO TECH has gathered nearly 1,000 high-quality global communication resources, forming long-term and stable collaborations to provide services such as SMS verification, marketing, notifications, two-way SMS, and quick login. These services enable brands to reach millions of potential customers in target markets, achieving impressive delivery and response rates.

Founded in 2014, OgCloud is a global cloud service provider leading the new growth of Digital Intelligence Marketing, specializing in providing top-quality SD-WAN and ARM cluster cloud computing services for global business operations. OgCloud has served over 50,000 businesses across more than 50 countries across 6 continents.

OgCloud has established a global network of 36 public cloud nodes, over 100 backbone network nodes, and more than 200 edge nodes, covering key markets in the Americas, the UK, Southeast Asia, and other regions. OgCloud primarily serves brands going global, foreign trade companies, MCN agencies, platform sellers, independent site sellers, and short video shop owners, offering specialized SaaS solutions like OgPhone e-commerce cloud phones and OgLive global live streaming rooms for matrix marketing, short video merchandising, cross-border e-commerce traffic, and IM tool private group management, providing more convenient solutions for global business expansion.

The partnership between ITNIO TECH and OgCloud is not only a complement of technologies and resources but also a shared vision to better serve companies going global. Through this cooperation, we will explore innovative more service modes, helping enterprises meet the challenges and seize the opportunities brought by globalization.

Frederica, Marketing Director at ITNIO TECH, said: “The collaboration between ITNIO TECH and OgCloud represents a synergistic enhancement in the international cloud communication and global cloud service sectors. We expect that this cooperation will bringing more efficient, intelligent, and personalized marketing service to enterprises, supporting their growth and breakthroughs on the global markets.”

"We are very pleased to cooperate with ITNIO TECH," said Frank, Marketing Director at OgCloud. "ITNIO TECH's high-quality international SMS Authentication solutions complement our global cloud services perfectly. We look forward to safeguarding our clients together and boosting the growth and customer service capabilities of enterprises going global."
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