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ITNIO TECH's WhatsApp Channel Launched the Omnichannel Customer Communication System SaleSmartl

Recently, the WhatsApp channel supported by ITNIO TECH's has officially launched the omnichannel customer communication system SaleSmartly. It aims to address pain points such as the difficulty, high investment, and long cycle of developing self-owned customer service systems for cross-border enterprises, driving rapid business growth for cross-border enterprise customers.
SaleSmartly is a comprehensive customer communication system designed specifically for cross-border enterprises, integrating online chat (Livechat), WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Line, Email, and Wechat. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology, SaleSmartly can help enterprises achieve chat automation and intelligence, greatly enhancing customer service efficiency and satisfaction, and delivering a more intelligent and efficient communication experience.

As strategic partners, ITNIO TECH's and SaleSmartly have successfully integrated their respective products, technologies, and resources after several in-depth discussions and explorations, enabling SaleSmartly to support and provide more comprehensive and high-quality third-party customer communication channels.
This collaboration not only enriches and extends the richness and diversity of SaleSmartly's customer communication channels but also provides the "optimal solution" for the cost investment problem of building and operating development teams for cross-border enterprises. Without the need to build a development team, cross-border enterprises can use ITNIO TECH's WhatsApp Business API channel to communicate seamlessly with customers, truly achieving "plug-and-play," which is of great value to small and medium-sized cross-border enterprises.
Mr. Zeng, the project manager of SaleSmartly, stated, "We are very pleased to have established a strategic partnership with ITNIO TECH's Suntle. We believe that this cooperation will fully leverage SaleSmartly's advantages in intelligent customer service and cross-border e-commerce intelligence, combined with ITNIO TECH's innovative technology, to provide a higher quality, more efficient, and smarter customer communication solution for the Chinese cross-border e-commerce market, helping Chinese cross-border merchants achieve greater success in the global market."
Jeff, the product manager of ITNIO TECH's, said, "We are delighted to announce a deep cooperation with SaleSmartly and look forward to combining our CPaaS technology with its innovative marketing tools to bring users stronger marketing capabilities and a better experience. We believe this collaboration will open up new possibilities and bring unprecedented value to customers."
Looking ahead, ITNIO TECH's and SaleSmartly will continue to adhere to the principle of customer orientation and mutual benefit, continuously leveraging their respective accumulated resources and capabilities in the cross-border field, innovating product solutions and cooperation models, providing important support for the global expansion of cross-border enterprises, and promoting the transformation and upgrade of the cross-border industry comprehensively.
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