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Grasping SMS marketing during the Christmas period


How can merchants use international SMS to their best advantage during the Christmas period?  
The countdown to 2022 is already underway in silence. In China and also other countries, the last few months are full of important holidays: Chinese New Year, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. The "festive season" also means that businesses around the world are making their final push for the attention of consumers in 2022.
Christmas is undoubtedly one of the biggest holidays of the year, so it is vital to create a competitive edge during the Christmas period to ensure maximum potential sales. Today ITNIO will explain how to use international SMS to your best advantage during the Christmas period.
Here are my top 5 tips for Christmas marketing campaigns that I hope will help you.

1.Create consumer psychological expectations with a countdown campaign

Planning a holiday campaign countdown will create excitement among your customers. Using consumers' sense of urgency and panic for promotional activities is undoubtedly an efficient way to promote your business, we can create a Christmas countdown campaign marketing SMS.
ITNIO: Hey, (insert customer name)! The Christmas series will be launched tomorrow, click to register before 18th December to enjoy an exclusive discount(promo rules), while stocks last. (insert link)
2. Announcing a festive giveaway
Holiday giveaways can greatly increase participation in events. Most customers love holiday giveaways, and in time the prizes are not very big. To make the giveaway relevant to the holiday season, you can create a holiday-themed giveaway and announce it via SMS.
ITNIO: Hey, (insert customer name)! Santa's here with our holiday giveaway for $0.01! (insert giveaway content and link) Have a look of our exciting giveaways!

3. Share exclusive VIP offers

Treat all customers at Christmas like VIP users and show them love and appreciation for the year. Customers during Christmas are more valuable than usual customers and can use the exclusive Christmas VIP offer in creating highlights and increasing customer loyalty.
ITNIO: Dear (insert customer name), thank you for your continued support. Christmas is coming, and your exclusive gift is ready, VIP exclusive items are up to 20% off, and members over 1000 get 1000 free! (Insert link)

  1. Send order tracking link

For customers, meticulous order care is very important. This is especially true during the annual Christmas season when customers may purchase a large number of items. Sending order care and logistics reminders to customers with a high number of orders can make them feel relaxed and impressed. It will also eliminate the process of customers asking you for the status of their order through customer service.
ITNIO: Hey, (insert customer name)! Your item is being arranged for packing, please check your receipt~ Click here for more details. (Insert link)

  1. Extended opening hours

Extending opening hours during the Christmas period, as well as incentivizing customers who patronize later in the day, will not only increase sales but will also put you ahead of your competitors in terms of word-of-mouth.
ITNIO: No closing time for Christmas, great value goodies are delivered on the day, grab a great value voucher at the whole hour, with prices as low as xx on hand, ITNIO is waiting for you until dawn. (insert link)
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