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ITNIO TECH Makes Global Debut at ChinaJoy 2023

ChinaJoy 2023, Global Debut
Shanghai, July 28-30, 2023 - ITNIO TECH, the trusted international provider of advanced verification solutions, celebrated its global debut at the highly anticipated ChinaJoy 2023. The event witnessed ITNIO TECH's captivating presence in the BTOB exhibition area, where it unveiled an all-encompassing suite of intelligent verification, marketing, and notification solutions.

Harnessing nearly two decades of accumulated expertise within its core team, ITNIO TECH is on a mission to "Enabling Global Connectivity for Enterprises with Ease." The company has meticulously developed an integrated solution that amalgamates leading international communication channels, including SMS, voice, call centers, email, and WhatsApp, into a single platform.

Under the thematic banner "ITNIO TECH Authentication, Seamless Connectivity," ITNIO TECH's global premiere showcased a state-of-the-art booth design exuding a distinctive technological allure. The booth incorporated interactive elements, such as an engaging capsule dispenser, which held the attention of numerous industry experts and esteemed guests.

In post-pandemic era, the shift towards online consumer behavior has ushered in fresh growth prospects for the gaming, live streaming, and entertainment sectors. Consequently, tapping into international markets has become an inexorable trend. Within key overseas markets, economic fluctuations have exerted an influence on both consumer propensity and purchasing capacity. Additionally, the intensifying market competition has led to a palpable escalation in the costs associated with overseas marketing efforts.
Zhang Yijun, First Vice Chairman of China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association (CADPA) and Chairman of the Game Publishing Working Committee of CADPA

According to the latest data from the “2023 China Game Industry Report” covering January to June, the actual sales revenue in the domestic gaming market amounted to 144.263 billion yuan, marking a year-on-year increase of 2.39% and a quarter-on-quarter growth of 22.2%, indicative of a marked market resurgence. However, the actual overseas sales revenue for domestically developed games reached $8.206 billion USD, reflecting a year-on-year contraction of 8.72%."

Kenney Chen, CEO of ITNIO TECH, expressed his vision:
"As a global communication partner for enterprises, ITNIO TECH is poised to optimize and consistently build a robust global CPaaS cloud platform through technological innovation amidst the global trend. By prioritizing user verification scenarios as our point of entry and a core competitive advantage, and through the relentless expansion and thorough cultivation of our outbound communication products, we aspire to help outbound enterprises surmount the challenges and obstacles inherent to cross-regional communication. Our goal is to mitigate operational costs, and to steadfastly support China's digital entertainment enterprises in forging meaningful connections within the dynamic global new economic landscape, thus achieving sustained global growth."

ChinaJoy, renowned as one of the most distinguished and internationally revered exhibitions within the digital entertainment industry, embraced the theme "Accompanied by 20 years, Promise a Better Future." The event spanned across 11 exhibition halls, encompassing a collective exhibition space exceeding 120,000 square meters. The BTOC exhibition area showcased participation from over 200 companies, occupying an expansive area of more than 100,000 square meters. Meanwhile, the BTOB exhibition area welcomed nearly 300 participating companies, encompassing a space of nearly 20,000 square meters. Notably, nearly 100 foreign enterprises participated, constituting 35% of the total.
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