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ITNIO TECH Collaborates with SuperADS to Foster a New Ecosystem for Global Marketing

ITNIO TECH, Partnership In the wave of global economic integration, the competition in international markets is becoming increasingly fierce. How to make brands and products stand out through effective marketing strategies is a major challenge that Chinese cross-border enterprises urgently need to address. In response to this challenge, ITNIO TECH and SuperADS recently announced a partnership to jointly create a new ecosystem for global marketing, helping enterprises achieve their marketing goals.

This collaboration will integrate ITNIO TECH's leading advantages in international cloud communications with SuperADS's media resources, professional team, and AI technology in overseas marketing. Together, we will bring more comprehensive and efficient marketing services to Chinese cross-border enterprises, helping them build more competitive global brands.

As a trustworthy provider of international SMS&intelligent verification solutions, ITNIO TECH integrates various mainstream communication channels and products such as international SMS, voice, global virtual number, and cloud call center, offering services like authentication, marketing, and notifications to help more enterprises connect to the world easily.

ITNIO TECH has assembled multiple contact methods including global SMS and voice, achieving intelligent scheduling of multi-channel and high-quality routing. Additionally, ITNIO TECH continually simplifies the integration process, with only one interface, it can easily link SMS, voice and other channels, so that the marketing information can easily reach the target users.

At present, ITNIO TECH has established stable cooperation with over 100 global telecom operators, covering more than 200 countries and regions. The products and services of ITNIO TECH, known for high delivery rates, stability, billions of messages sending volume, developer-friendly APIs, and 24/7 professional customer service, have earned widespread acclaim.

With 7 years’ expertise in global marketing, SuperADS has accumulated rich global media resources, powerful AI technology, and a team of senior experts. It has established various business services including overseas media account management, the easy-to-use video platform VidAU.AI, the data analysis tool SuperX, the bulk management system SuperTK, and CPI & CPA performance marketing to assist Chinese enterprises in going global.

SuperADS owns a series of overseas traffic delivery products including SuperADS, VidAU.AI, SuperTK, and SuperEarn, supporting AI-managed advertising accounts, AIGC video solutions, self-service recharge and deployment, mini-program dashboards, and a comprehensive TK matrix number solution.

VidAU.AI, launched in May 2024 by SuperADS, is the industry's first URL-to-video tool. The tool can generate videos in minutes by importing links from e-commerce platforms like Amazon into the VidAU.AI platform, using trained models and a rich digital human library in over 30 languages, significantly reducing costs and increasing efficiency, giving global enterprises the "superpower" to create videos at the click of a button.

Through this partnership, ITNIO TECH and SuperADS will leverage their respective strengths to provide more stable communication connections and higher-quality marketing promotion services for Chinese cross-border enterprises, helping brands to achieve more efficient and precise global market expansion.

Regarding the collaboration, Mr. He Jie, the founder of SuperADS, said: "SuperADS joining forces with ITNIO TECH to embrace a new wave of going global. With ITNIO TECH's robust communication network resources and SuperADS's embrace of AI technology, we believe that the combination of resources and technology can bring new inspiration and synergy. We are delighted to partner with ITNIO TECH. Supporting the growth of Chinese cross-border enterprises, we are always on the way!"

Terrence, CEO of ITNIO TECH, also stated, "SuperADS can provide effectual marketing solutions for Chinese cross-border enterprises, and ITNIO TECH can utilize the international cloud communication network to deliver marketing promotion messages to target customers more precisely. Together, we can help enterprises build a more efficient marketing ecosystem. In the future, we will continue to collaborate, exploring more possibilities and jointly supporting more enterprises to make waves in the global market."
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