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ITNIO TECH Attends the 2024 China Consumer Product Goods Digital Technology Summit

Recently, the 11th China Consumer Product Digital Technology Conference (CPG2024) concluded successfully in Guangzhou. As a global leading provider of international cloud communication services, ITNIO TECH was invited to showcase its "One-Stop Consumer Product Globalization Solution" at the event. Over 200 executives from renowned consumer product companies, CIOs, IT leaders, and outstanding IT service providers in the industry came together to deeply explore the future digital opportunities in the consumer product industry and build new advantages for industry development and efficiency under the theme of "Integration and Breakthrough."
With the rapid development of China's consumer product industry, major consumer product enterprises are actively responding to the call for digital transformation and venturing into cross-border e-commerce. Due to lack of experience, cross-border sellers often encounter customer journey management gaps, such as customer acquisition, promotional marketing, customer service, and customer retention, leading to the loss of customer leads.
The international cloud communication field boasts a wide user base that covers almost every corner of the world. The inherent communication attributes of these channels bring about extremely high reach and open rates, making them indispensable marketing tools for every cross-border seller.
ITNIO TECH's One-Stop Consumer Product Globalization Solution is based on multiple international mainstream cloud communication channels such as international SMS, international voice calls, global virtual numbers, cloud call centers, and WhatsApp. It aims to help cross-border sellers reduce customer acquisition costs, optimize service experiences, increase customer repurchases, and enhance account security.
Benefiting from direct connections with over 200 telecom operators in different countries, ITNIO TECH's international SMS channels offer low costs, wide coverage, and high open rates. They exhibit excellent performance in notification, verification, and marketing scenarios, especially in verification scenarios.
Taking India as an example, when various industries such as finance, gaming, and social media use ITNIO TECH's SMS products, they achieve a return rate of 86% to 92%.
Furthermore, the combination of AI voice, global virtual numbers, and cloud call centers enables small and medium-sized enterprises to easily establish comprehensive marketing and customer service platforms, facilitating localized communication with global users and significantly improving customer trust and answer rates.
In response to the marketing demands and concerns of on-site consumer product sellers, ITNIO TECH's global business growth team systematically addressed their needs, outlined solution strategies, recommended tailored product solutions, provided one-on-one account opening guidance, and earned recognition and praise from numerous sellers. This fully embodies the theme and spirit of "Integration and Breakthrough" at the conference.
As a significant player in the wave of globalization, ITNIO TECH is committed to facilitating easy global expansion for enterprises and consistently providing products and services that exceed expectations. In the current trend of cross-border enthusiasm, ITNIO TECH will remain true to its original aspirations, stand at the forefront, continuously optimize product solutions and services, and make greater contributions to the efficient and high-quality development of consumer product enterprises.
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