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ITNIO TECH Attends China Game Globalization Summit, Discussing New Trends in Game Globalization

Recently, the "Seizing Trends, Creating Innovations" 3rd China Game Go Global Summit (GGS2024), hosted by Tech Enterprise School, successfully concluded in Guangzhou. As a crucial player in the global game market, ITNIO TECH was invited to attend and showcased its presence at the exhibition booth. Over the course of 2 days, ITNIO TECH engaged in high-quality exchanges and discussions with executives from renowned companies in the gaming ecosystem, technical experts, and premium service providers on topics related to global game expansion and marketing.
In recent years, the global gaming market has been rapidly evolving, demonstrating trends towards diversification, interactivity, socialization, and virtualization. The increasingly competitive market environment, restrictions on game approvals, and the rising demand for high-quality gaming experiences have intensified competition within the industry, making global expansion almost a mandatory strategy for every gaming company.
Enhancing the efficiency and quality of international marketing strategies for global expansion has become one of the most critical concerns for gaming enterprises. With nearly 20 years of expertise in the international cloud communication field, ITNIO TECH has accumulated extensive experience in global expansion marketing and insights into mainstream countries' gaming regulations, effectively assisting gaming companies in localizing their cloud communication marketing efforts.
Multi-factor authentication for enhanced account security
For gamers, accounts nurtured through time or in-game purchases are extremely valuable. It is imperative for gaming companies to implement robust account registration verification and daily security measures. ITNIO TECH integrates mainstream communication channels such as SMS, voice calls, emails, and WhatsApp, allowing users to choose their preferred method of receiving verification codes for account registration and daily security management.
Multi-channel marketing to reduce customer acquisition costs

Cost-effective cloud communication marketing methods have always been a crucial choice for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency. ITNIO TECH supports various marketing methods such as SMS, AI voice calls, and WhatsApp, helping businesses reach a wider user base at a lower cost, delivering the latest gaming experiences to every corner of the world.
Diverse communication methods to optimize service experiences
ITNIO TECH's AI voice, global virtual numbers, and cloud call center services can help gaming enterprises establish a comprehensive marketing and customer service platform. Whether it's post-sales support services or user satisfaction surveys, companies can communicate with global gamers in a localized manner, displaying the company's brand name on incoming calls to significantly enhance customer trust and answer rates.
Multi-channel re-engagement to unlock user value
During holidays, new game launches, and other major marketing events, in addition to utilizing their own game client interfaces, enterprises can utilize ITNIO TECH's marketing SMS, voice group calls, WhatsApp Business API, and other channels to quickly convey marketing activities to target players, re-engage dormant customers, and increase user stickiness.
With global gaming populations estimated to reach around 3.3 billion in 2023 and projected to grow to 3.6 billion by 2025, the opportunities for game globalization are immense. In the thriving gaming market, ITNIO TECH will continue to delve deeper into the international cloud communication field, focusing on researching and developing innovative game globalization solutions. This commitment will empower gaming companies to seize market opportunities, capture the pulse of global gamers, and achieve high-quality, sustainable business growth.
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