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Email Marketing | Email Deliverability vs Email Delivery Rate


Email marketing campaigns - how to make sure your customers can receive your emails

Instant messaging software may seem to have become the mainstream way to communicate, but many people still use email for business information or official messages.
So it's still important for businesses to do good email marketing.
When it comes to email marketing, there are two commonly used metrics - email delivery rate and email deliverability. While they may seem similar, they are actually quite different. Understanding the differences between these two metrics is important for any email marketer looking to maximise the success of their campaigns.
In the age of information, information overload is becoming a problem that everyone faces in their daily lives. So technology must ensure that users do not drown in a deluge of messages. Whether it is Gmail, foxmail, outlook or qq mailbox, there are many folders. And as frequent users of email, we can easily understand that sometimes we even not take a look at some of the mailbox folders. Sometimes we even cannot receive some emails that have been partially returned to the sender.
In this situation, how can companies or marketing teams ensure that our target users receive the information we want them to receive via email?

Email deliverability vs. delivery rate
Some marketers didn't know the difference between email deliverability and deliverability rate. But if you can distinguish between them, you can make useful moves to make your email campaigns more useful and reach your subscribers' optimised inboxes.
Delivery rate is the number of emails sent from an email marketing campaign that are successfully delivered to the inboxes of the intended recipients. It's a relatively simple metric that can be used to measure the effectiveness of an email campaign. It doesn't measure the success of the message, nor the active engagement of the recipient, but simply the percentage of emails that were successfully delivered.
Email deliverability, on the other hand, is a much more in-depth metric that takes several factors into account. It's a measure of how likely your email campaigns are to be delivered to inboxes rather than spam folders - because it takes into account factors such as list quality, server reputation and email content. Email deliverability focuses on how likely it is that your message will be delivered to the intended recipient, whether or not they actively interact with the message.

How does it get to the inbox and into the appropriate folder? You may need a reliable email marketing solution provider. ITNIO's email automation makes marketing easier. You can set up your own marketing campaign flow to make sure you reach your customers at the right time. The rich templates also make everything easy. Content verification and send detection are necessary to ensure that the email address is valid, the domain exists, the Internet Protocol (IP) is valid and the content is all good.


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